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Safe Night will set up a TRAP at your phone to start an ALARM and (send a sms message) when your phone is moved. You can place the PHONE at the back of your room door and be safe that if someone opens the Door the Alarm will let you know about the intr ...
This application will tell you when new stuff is posted to craigslist. This provides you with a way you can get the best deals as soon as they are registered. You will never lose a good opportunity again! The application is totally free and doesn't ...
the world's largest database of medical, pharma, biotech, agrochemical and healthcare abbreviations (and their meanings). Created as a result of contributions from hundreds of people and organizations the world over. A must for doctors, pharmacists, sc ...
A collection of one hundred favourite english nursery rhymes and traditional songs with their origins are listed in this free glossary for android - perhaps nursery rhymes bring back fond memories of your childhood! the most popular nursery rhymes a ...
You're born to help others. With help the most in your mind and on your phone, you know who near you needs help every day when you wake up, travel, or enjoy a warm meal, while others can't. For those who have no android phone, but want to help or need ...
It is very easy to lose track of what num­ber you were last on, for exam­ple, cof­fee or cig­a­rettes count. Sim­ple wid­get helps you to do this.
A plumb-bob is a weight, with a pointed tip on the bot­tom, that is sus­pended from a string and used as a ver­ti­cal ref­er­ence line.
Sim­ple count­down to show me time left to fin­ish next '30 days' application.
StudentVoice enables prospective and current students to research lifestyle around a university (london only at the moment). “This is our first attempt at software development and was created during CDI Europe’s pilot AppsForGood course and guided b ...
Game developed for Android platform A simple and effective way to learn words in different languages. An image is shown, and you should choose a word from 3 different choices. There are available 4 languages: english, spanish, french and portuguese. ...
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