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Genie Backup Manager Professional 6.0

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: $69.95
Windows XP/ Windows 7/ VISTA
Unknown (file size)
Price: $69.95
Genie Backup Manager Professional 6.0 Description

        Genie Backup Manager Pro is the backup solution for Small and Medium Business Users that easily want to back up and recover their entire system. Never again have to suffer from running out of business due to data loss by computer viruses, equipment failure and security breaches.

Backup your entire PC 

Genie Backup Manager Pro includes the option to backup your entire system so you can restore in case of failure. 

Safe Remote Backups 

        Safeguard your data from natural disasters and system failures to secure offsite storage location. 


      Backup locked & open files 

      Ensure business continuity without the need to close data or applications during backup. 


     Protect your business asset 

     Encrypt your data using U.S. government-certified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES: 128-, 192-, 256-bit) encryption security. 


       Continuous Data Protection 

Set backups to run automatically at preset time intervals and rotate different backup types. 


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